Welcoming children into a family, especially if they are received through adoption, involves significant emotion and logistics.

The Complexities of Adoption

Navigating adoption can be challenging. Children will need help adjusting to new environments and families without pregnancy’s preparation period. Individuals becoming first-time parents through adoption will need special guidance and support. Children who are not infants may be confused by the changes. They may feel angry, sad, or rejected. They may also have endured significant trauma. Be sure to seek out resources that can help through these challenges.

Types of Adoptions

In the case of domestic infant adoption, babies born in the U.S. are released by their birth mothers, and adoptive parents complete an application process through licensed adoption agencies. Keep in mind, birth parents do have a window of time in which they can change their mind about releasing the children for adoption.

International adoptions often take longer because adoptive parents must work within the laws of both countries. This process may involve several visits, some of which may be extensive. Those adopted from other countries will also need to obtain American citizenship, and Stallings Family Law is available to help with this process.

Adoption from the state foster care system is another form of domestic adoption. These children have been removed from their parents’ custody for various legal reasons. Usually this process begins with prospective parents fostering prior to adopting to ensure a good fit for both parents and children.

While most adoptions have traditionally been closed, open adoptions are becoming more popular. In this type of adoption, children maintain relationships with their biological parents but are legally adopted by others. In an open adoption, having a lawyer to help construct legal documentation clarifying every party’s rights and responsibilities is critical.

In Texas, any adult can adopt. If married, couples must agree. If the adoptee is 12 or older, the adoptee also must agree.

Congratulations on a growing family. Stallings Family law is excited to help families through this process.

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