Child Support Enforcement & Termination

If a couple shares children, child support will almost always be a major part of divorce negotiations. In many families, both parents follow through on their agreement and pay child support without any trouble, but sometimes things don’t go quite so smoothly. One parent might cease to pay support entirely or pay less than the agreed upon amount. When that happens, the custodial parent has the right to pursue that person in court for the money owed. Pursuing a former spouse legally can be extremely stressful. Our office is available to help resolve these situations as quickly and amicably as possible.

Let the courts enforce

Custodial parents cannot enforce child support by reducing visitation. The state of Texas holds it is in children’s best interest to have a relationship with each both parents, meaning visitation and child support payments are not connected. The visitation schedule needs to be followed even if the noncustodial parent fails to honor the agreement financially.

Noncustodial parents’ refusal to pay child support is a situation for the courts. We can help individuals pursue their children’s entitled support. One option to remedy the situation is having the noncustodial parent’s wages garnished.

Length of child support orders

Generally, child support continues until children become young adults — upon their eighteenth birthday or their high school graduation. Should children have a disability, child support can be ordered to continue well into their legal adulthood. Modifying child support orders is necessary from time to time.

Child support can be terminated for a few reasons. These include if the child gets married, enlists in the military, becomes emancipated, is adopted, or if either the parent or child passes away. If uncertain when child support orders end, check with a lawyer before stopping payments or risk owing back child support.

Raising a child with a former partner or spouse, especially when civility is impossible, is difficult.

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