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Non-violent crimes that are normally motivated by cash are often referred to as “white-collar” offenses. Though these may not appear to cause the exact same harm as violent offenses, the consequences of a conviction may be as severe or sometimes more acute than other crimes.

If you’re charged with fraud, embezzlement, extortion, corruption, or another kind of white-collar offense, you need a skilled defense attorney who has extensive experience representing individuals in these types of complex cases. At The Stallings Law Firm our criminal defense attorney has argued more than 2,000 cases. Stallings has special insight into how white-collar offenses are prosecuted in Montgomery County.

If you have been accused of a crime, do not offer the prosecution any extra time to build a case against you.

Let our informative white-collar criminal defense lawyer evaluate your case for free today. Contact us now to schedule a no-cost, confidential consultation.

What Are the Common Types of White-Collar Crimes?

The broad white-collar crimes category encompasses a wide variety of both federal and state charges. Regrettably, some people may not even recognize their actions may be interpreted as a crime. However, charges can result no matter whether a person known and acted intentionally.

What Are Possible Scenarios for White-Collar Crimes in Montgomery County?

The penalties for white-collar offenses in Montgomery County can vary in severity, based on the charges you’re facing. Individuals convicted of white-collar offenses may be sentenced to:

  • Prison or Jail
  • House Arrest
  • Probation
  • Fines
  • Restitution


Even after individuals convicted of white-collar offenses have “paid their debt,” their past can overtake them as they hunt for jobs or attempt to form new relationships.

That is why our committed Montgomery County crime defense lawyer struggles aggressively at the start to push the fees to be dropped. Even if a conviction is inevitable, our competitive legal staff will continue to fight for you by arguing for equity and leniency in sentencing.

Let Our Montgomery County White-Collar Criminal Defense Attorney Help You

You do not have to wait until you’re detained or charged with a crime to talk with our committed criminal defense lawyer. If you suspect trouble beforehand, you need to schedule a complimentary appointment to learn how we can help protect your rights.

At the very beginning, our staff will come out strong for you, with the goal of having the charges dropped.

You Can Trust our firm to:

  • Make sure police and prosecutors cannot force you into saying or doing something which can hurt your case
  • Fight for your rights in the bond hearing, including pushing to have you released on your own recognizance
  • Create a comprehensive defense strategy that takes into account any motions the prosecution may try to make prior to or during trial
  • Heal you with the respect and loyalty you need during this challenging time in your lifetime


The Stallings Law Firm always operates under the presumption of innocence, and the prosecution needs to have a tricky time proving otherwise. Our Montgomery County white-collar criminal defense lawyer will do everything in his power to secure your freedom, your standing, and your future.

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