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About Attorney R Michael Stallings

Family law is all about relationships, and should the need for legal counsel arise, recruit the services of a lawyer who understands the importance of those relationships. R Michael Stallings’ focus on family law allows him to stay current with legislature and case-law changes in family law. His combination of knowledge and heart has helped people through some of the most challenging times in their lives.

Right the first time

As a lawyer, Stallings understands navigating the legal system is a confusing process. He also recognizes, because many only need to avail themselves of legal counsel once or twice in life, how important it is to get it right the first time.

Local experience

Stallings is a proud Texan serving the Lone Star State. He attended Texas A&M University and studied law at South Texas College of Law in Houston. His practice is dedicated to serving the people of Montgomery County, combining his deep knowledge of local laws with the experience to understand how they might impact individual situations.

Se Habla Español

Seeking help can be intimidating to those whose don’t speak English. Stallings Family Law has a native Spanish speaker who is happy to interpret the law in a client’s native language.

Divorce can be messy 

Divorce isn’t only about debts and assets, but also about relationships between former spouses and the children they share. Texas law prioritizes children’s well-being in any divorce case, and Stallings does as well, for he believes their well-being is what matters most. He has a particular passion for taking on bullies, who need to be taken on by an aggressive lawyer. R. Michael Stallings is the man for the job.

When retaining R Michael Stallings, be confident he always has your family’s best interests at heart. Stallings wants to alleviate negative emotions and stress and will take the time to help understand your unique situation and help you move forward with your life.

Hire a professional who’s been there 

Hiring R Michael Stallings is choosing to employ a lawyer who will stand by clients throughout one of their most difficult circumstances in life. It is choosing to forge a trusted relationship, one of which he is proud to be a part. As an attorney, he doesn’t just provide information. He also walks his clients through every step of a process, one he has personally experienced. Stallings has endured divorce and child custody concerns. He knows the only way out is through.

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