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Many of our clientele who come to us after being detained for misdemeanor offenses have made the error of thinking such charges aren’t severe. Though not regarded as significant as felonies, it’s  important to obtain immediate representation from a Montgomery criminal defense lawyer.

Kinds of Misdemeanors & Consequences

Misdemeanors can result in criminal penalties, as well as damaging your  reputation. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor crime, you could face time in prison, lawful fines, probation, community service, and have a permanent criminal record. Later on, you might find it increasingly hard to acquire professional licenses or employment.

We defend the following misdemeanor offenses:

  • Minor drug possession
  • Assault
  • Petty theft
  • DWI
  • Property theft

Building a Strong Defense on Your Behalf

When we take on your case, we take time to research any potential defense and pursue the best chance for your success, our highest priority. We never cut corners in our investigations and in building protection strategies. You can trust our legal team to aggressively protect your rights.

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We’ve handled thousands of cases over the years and are qualified to represent just about any kind of misdemeanor case. Our firm is well-known for providing our clients with strategic, assertive legal defense and paying attention to detail in our investigations. We provide free consultations to customers in Montgomery.

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