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If you were charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in Montgomery, then you’ll need experienced legal representation to avoid a range of serious penalties. The Stallings Law Firm has significant experience defending DUI cases.

The Penalties and Convictions of a DUI 

The criminal penalties for a DUI conviction may cause serious consequences to your house and other liabilities. In case you have been charged with multiple DUIs, it is important to contact The Stallings Law Firm to prevent even harsher penalties.

Even for a first-time crime at a blood alcohol level of .08 percentage, a DUI arrest could carry serious penalties, including mandatory jail time, an automatic license suspension, along with a hefty fine. There is also that the Ignition Interlock Device requirement.

Conviction on a DUI charge also counts as an 8-point moving violation against your driver’s license along with your car insurance premiums will grow accordingly. Recent law changes allow us to argue that on a regular DUI (not intense ) the time spent with the officers in arrest, equates to some day, eliminating the need for further jail time if convicted.

For intense DUI with elevated blood alcohol content of .15 percent and up, a charge of aggravated DUI, or any replicate DUI offense in seven years, the penalties make significantly worse. You’ll want an experienced Montgomery DUI defense lawyer to answer your questions, investigate the circumstances of your case, and proceed to work to protect your driver’s license and your driving record.


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