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Montgomery Family Law

Family law is stressful, but your experience with it doesn’t need to be.

Stallings Family Law in Montgomery, TX focuses on the diverse aspects of law while supporting clients’ needs. One of the most important things the law can do is help families through challenging transitions. Our office is proud to serve the people of Texas in both English and Spanish.

We focus on divorce law, which for many is the only interaction they will ever have with the legal system. We seek to settle matters as smoothly as possible, protect your children and property, and help individuals move on to the next phases in life.

It’s about family

We choose to work in family law because we believe in the value of family and know divorce is an extremely emotional process. We also understand children’s well-being is paramount and continuing to have an amicable relationship with your former partner, if possible, is important. Knowledgeable legal guidance can help people make the right choices for themselves and their families.

Being available is another priority. Anytime we’re needed, text or email questions and expect clear and simple responses. As a family law firm, we strive to support our clients throughout the entire divorce process, even if a decade has passed and a custody agreement needs to be adjusted.

Family law is more than divorce

Trust our office to help guide people through complicated legal procedures like adoption—whether domestic, international or open—for we can draw up paperwork to fit any situation. We seek to assist in welcoming new family members with as much ease as possible.

Legal system interactions can be overwhelming and daunting. Our intricate knowledge of family law enables us to handle every case holistically, with great respect for individuals’ needs and unique circumstances.

Free Case Review

Please complete the form below, providing the details of your situation, so we may determine how best to serve you.

Family Law Practice Areas


No matter the circumstances, divorce is usually a painful and challenging process. You are separating your life from someone.

Child Custody

If you had or adopted children during your relationship, and are getting divorced, you may worry about children's well being.


Child custody modifications change existing child support orders either due to the child’s age or a change in circumstances.


There are two primary methods for getting a divorce: through the courts and through mediation.

Child Support

Once child support has been determined, it is legally enforceable, which means that the custodial parent can sue the noncustodial one.


Probate can be a confusing process for inexperienced people and lawyers. Luckily, our office makes sure you receive personalized counsel and support.