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No matter the cause, divorce is often a painful, challenging and confusing process. Those involved have chosen to separate their lives from partners they’d hope to have forever. Should this be the case, skilled and knowledgeable divorce lawyers can help both parties attain the best outcome.

Divorce is Complicated

At Stallings Family Law, we value getting to know our clients and providing legal assistance that yields success. We want to ensure our clients are best represented so they can quickly move on with their lives.

Some find themselves married to strangers after children have grown and moved out. Some realize they have married too soon and now know the match isn’t ideal. Perhaps a spouse has been unfaithful or abusive. Or maybe both love each other but no longer find themselves in love. Both parties should employ separate lawyers to represent them so each person’s interests can be defended. Regardless of the circumstances, we want to help divorce proceedings to be as amicable and efficient as possible—either through mediation or in court.

Initiating Divorce

For those who can still communicate effectively, the faster and less costly mediation is typically preferred. If civility between two parties is a challenge, cases should go to court where a judge can determine and issue the divorce decree.

Those choosing divorce will need to determine the custody and visitation rights for children born or adopted during the marriage and how to divide marital properties.

The state will want final divorce decrees to prioritize children’s best interests. Collaboration by both parties to develop a parenting plan can help the process of divorce be more peaceful.

Courts will take into account the marriage’s duration and people’s life stages to determine division of joint assets such as homes, vehicles, investments, savings, potential earnings, and other marital property. Salaries that supported one household will need to support two.

We will make sure our clients receive an appropriate amount of property so they can be financially sound and their children can be as comfortable as possible in adjusting to the new normal.

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