Stallings Consumer Bankruptcy

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Stallings Consumer Bankruptcy

Stallings Consumer Bankruptcy can reduce or eliminate debts by ensuring equality among insolvent individuals’ creditors, which will preempt foreclosure and personal property loss, remove tax debts and lower monthly bill payments.

Attorney R. Michael Stallings can help you reconstruct a solid financial foundation.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Discuss financial situations and bankruptcy options in an initial, free consultation. Should the suggested methods satisfy, bankruptcy can be filed soon after that first meeting. Creditors’ harassing telephone calls, wage garnishment and repossession activities will cease, and foreclosure danger will be thwarted. Leave the office feeling a renewed sense of freedom.

The firm will design a creative a solution for maximizing debt relief and maintaining property. Rest assured experienced specialists will do all possible to help clients weather the financial storm.

Reducing Debt & Keeping Property

Stallings aims to reduce debts, ensure clients maintain residences, vehicles and other personal possessions, and have hope for a better financial future.


Practice Areas

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

While bankruptcy may seem scary, it may be the most powerful option to get you out of a seemingly never-ending cycle of debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is generally a good alternative for people, married couples, or smaller companies with a steady monthly income and people who have resources they want to keep.


If you are behind on your mortgage payments, or you're not paying other bills in order to stay current on your mortgage, you need to take action.

Medical Bill Debt

An illness or injury can result in huge, unmanageable debts. Luckily, there is a solution for individuals that have devastating medical bills.


In many cases, we can reduce your interest rates and reduce your payments, as well as prevent repossession.

Student Loan Debt

It is possible to substantially lower your monthly student loan obligations without penalties. In many cases, our firm has been able to reduce our clients' monthly student loan payments to zero.